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Equine Science Lecturer

I am an Equine Science Lecturer with a passion for horse racing and rider performance that has been developed through various roles within the racing industry.

I contacted WiR in July to enquire how I could get involved with mentoring programme as I was (and I still am) interested in developing my skills, interests and experiences of teaching and horse racing from the Mentors in education. After reading the biographies on the website it became apparent that taking part in the mentoring scheme was an opportunity to find out more about the education side of racing.

WiR Chair Sally Rowley-Williams kindly introduced me to Judith Allen via email within the week. Judith has provided many opportunities to become involved in the BHEST racing to the nationwide Racing to Schools Program (so location was not an issue), which I have greatly enjoyed attending at a variety of racecourses on a number of days as well as meeting Carrie Ford, who has been equally excellent in this process.

After meeting with Judy in November, I have felt fully supported and well advised as well as being fuelled to continue learning about this area.

Thank to Women in Racing for this opportunity. I would recommend anyone that is considering such an opportunity to not hesitate in applying to the WiR Mentoring scheme.

Eleanor Boden

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