New Racing Home podcast episodes released

December 15, 2023 | Racing Home

Racing Home podcast has 2 new episodes out with the latest being some big names, you may well have heard of them both.

The first of these guests is Julie Harrington: CEO of the British Horseracing Authority, as well as a mother to her daughter Sarah.

Julie became a mum very young – she was still at school in fact – but built her career regardless, making her way through the brewing industry, horseracing and football at the FA before becoming the CEO of British Cycling, from where she joined the BHA in 2021.

Naomi also had the good fortune to chat to Julie about the trajectory of her career previously and there’s a link here if you want to watch that one, but here we discussed a whole range of topics to do with work and family.

The second of these guests is Nick Luck: one of the nation’s most recognisable racing broadcasters. Having been a mainstay of Channel 4 Racing previously, he’s also a stalwart of Racing TVNBC’s Breeder’s Cup coverage in the US and a nine-time winner of the Horserace Writers and Photographers Broadcaster of the Year Award.

Nick has a wonderfully talented wife – classical singer, Laura – and they have 3 daughters aged 13, 9 and 5. Their youngest, Xanthe, has cystic fibrosis.

Nick is a very busy father who travels a lot, and with a child with a chronic illness there are some additional challenges in their family too, all of which provided a fascinating conversation.

Find the episode wherever you get your podcasts or listen here to Julie Harrington and here to Nick Luck

Find out more about Racing Home here.